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AntiHaxerman is a performant anti-cheat solution that aims to get rid of cheaters as fast as possible while not having false positives.




AntiHaxerman does not create any load on the main server thread or the netty thread. This makes sure the plugin has no effect on the gameplay or the server performance.


This is done by the anti-cheat having its own thread and running the entire plugin on that thread.

The no main thread usage claim can be supported with this timing viewer. Alto was an old name so that's the plugin's name on the list. Go down and you will be able to see



Installation: Just drag and drop the jar to the plugins folder and you are good to go!


Commands and Permissions


Do /antihaxerman to get a look of the commands.


antihaxerman.bypass - Bypass the anticheat.

antihaxerman.commands - Use commands.



To use the API you shall register your class to the event system of Bukkit. Then you can just do what is done below and it should work.

If you need more information or need to learn how to use it don't worry. I got you covered! You can access the API wiki here!



- You are not allowed to resell this plugin.

- We have the right to change the terms at any time we want.

- There are 100% going to be falses/bypasses please tell them at the Discord server and not at the reviews.


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